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The Wonderful World of Science and Technology

We are proud of the technology and science advancements at Holy Name School including our newly built, state-of-the-art Science Laboratory and our fully equipped Technology Center.  Our students utilize science and technology to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving resulting in an extremely rich learning experience.


Our Science Laboratory is outfitted with the newest laboratory equipment including a SmartBoard and iPads and e-textbooks for grades six through eight. Characterized by the desire to know and understand the natural world, our Jr. High science program focuses on Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences and Physical and Chemical Sciences.  Students conduct experiments using the tools of a scientist such as microscopes, electric kits, mineral collections, test tubes, etc. This level of hands-on experimentation provides our students with the opportunity to develop logical and critical thinking skills when evaluating a scientific problem.

Science instruction for our younger students is provided through our newly purchased Full Option Science System (FOSS). Students actively participate in scientific practices through their own investigations and analyses, providing students with meaningful experiences through active participation in scientific practices.

All of our science programs ensure powerful instruction that enhances the way our students learn.


Our Technology Center is fully equipped with 35 Macbook Pros and a SmartBoard. Students work individually and in small groups. We have built a collaborative learning community in which students have access to curriculum-related Internet sites and work together on projects and interact with their teachers.

At every grade level our students are introduced to more challenging and enriching experiences. Our kindergarten students learn the basic functions of a computer and keyboarding skills. In the third grade they are completing PowerPoint presentations and by the fifth grade they are creating graphs and spreadsheets in Excel.  Our Jr. High courses include Google Apps for Education, promoting interaction with students and teachers. We enhance the way students learn and teachers teach by using collaborative tools that are currently a critical part of today's business world and are highly relied on in our local high schools.

Modern technology expands beyond our Technology Center and into the classrooms. Many of our teachers utilize iPads in their daily instruction and enhance educational opportunities for our students throughout the day. Technology is an integral part of our day to day curriculum so our students will be fully prepared for the future.
At the junior high level we have a 1:1 iPad Program. Junior High students are expected to uphold our iPad Technology User Agreement.