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Holy Name School

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Grades 4 and 5

Intermediate grade students have a daily core curriculum that includes language arts, math, religion, science and social studies. All students receive enrichment classes that include physical education, music, art and computer technology. Science is augmented by regular use of FOSS (Full Option Science Systems) providing an opportunity for hands-on scientific study. Go Math was introduced in the 2013-2014 school year in alignment with the State of California's Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content and Mathematical Practice.

Intermediate students participate in a variety of hands-on projects in science and social studies. Science projects include building a solar oven and a working volcano. Social studies projects include building 3D region maps, creating a comprehensive Power Point presentation on a California mission, and creating a state report to present to their class.

Fourth grade students are now eligible to run for a class representative position. The responsibilities of a class representative and the voting/election process prepare the students for student government which becomes available in Jr. High. Also in fourth grade, the students are introduced to organizing their subjects and class work in binders. The binder becomes a significant part of a student's organizational skills that are necessary in Jr. High.

The fifth grade students become big "Buddies" to the incoming kindergartners. During the entire school year, the buddies will mentor the younger students in class work, religious ceremonies, and holiday celebrations. They build a bond of trust and friendship that often continues past their years at Holy Name School.

The balance of personal growth and achievement they learn in these years prepares our intermediate students for success in Jr. High.